Home and office water delivery for East Tennessee locals.

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Tennessee Pure Five Gallon Bottle

$7.99 per bottle plus a one-time deposit of $7.00 per bottle

Each of our 5 gallon bottles is priced at $7.99 per bottle plus a one time deposit of $7.00 per bottle. Ongoing purchases will be $7.99 per bottle delivered, subject to our delivery team picking up your empty bottles in good condition at the time of delivery.

If you wish to change the number of bottles you receive for re-occurring (subscription) orders or wish to skip a month, please call us or email us one week prior to the delivery date and we will take care of this for you.

Our Process

Our Tennesse Pure Natural Spring Water has been enjoyed by
the family and community since before 1932.

Born from a family spring tucked in East Tennessee
our water is filtered in the Trew facility for particles
passed through UV light to kill bacteria
and bottled on site. No chemicals. Original minerals. Pure Tennessee water.

About Trew Natural Spring Water Company

The Trew Natural Spring Water Company is located on their family property just off of Road 788 in McMinn County of Eastern Tennessee. Water from this spring and the watercress growing in it have been enjoyed by the family and community at large since prior to 1932. The cold spring water comes from a large underground aquifer and flows out from under a huge rock formation. Over the years the spring water was pumped from the base of this rock formation to the family home for personal use. Nowadays to ensure the protection of our bottled spring water, the underground spring is accessed using a bore hole located up the hill from where the spring originates and pumped to our bottling facility. Our water is naturally pure so harmful chemicals are not needed to treat it and the beneficial minerals have not been stripped from it. Our water has a natural PH value of 7.1 so it does not have to be tampered with to ensure this value.